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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

According to the EPA, TERRASource geothermal systems can save 40 percent to 70 percent on home-heating and 30 percent to 50 percent on home-cooling costs over conventional systems.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Building Green Houses

Green Building: Jobs of the Future

The Washington State Department of Ecology views green building as a key player in addressing a number of our states priority environmental issues: mitigating climate change, reducing toxics in our environment, reducing waste (both solid and hazardous), managing storm-water run-off and more. In an effort to describe the opportunities that exist this fast growing market the Construction Center of Excellence and WIRED partnered with Department of Ecology and the Department of General Administration on a film project: Green Building: Jobs of the Future. The film brings together local and national leaders in green building, climate change, manufacturing, and work-force development to make the case for green buildings capacity to create jobs and boost the economy while not further imposing on our environment. In these challenging times, opportunities abound!
Video transcript is available here:

The Washington Department of Ecology's Green Building Group is available to set up Green Building: Jobs of the Future viewing events at schools, businesses, and to community groups. These events can include panel discussions that address green job opportunities available in your region. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Rachael Jamison, Green Building Coordinator, at (360) 407-6352 or email

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ways And Tips To Go Green

Ways and tips to go green and to save the world.

Tip number one: This one comes from Luke Wilson. Luke says that instead of bottles and cans, he's going to get water right out of the tap. Good tip Luke and looking good!

Tip number two: Have a fling! 
Especially if Luke's there. ;) Really though, bring a container to capture all of the bottles and cans of the day even water bottles, soda cans. Make sure you get all those recycled. 

Tip number three: Try to buy a recycled jersey. 
You're going to probably spill on it anyway. Maybe you'll switch teams if yours doesn't do too well. Look for jerseys at Goodwill or online. Reuse as much as possible. 

Tip number four: Ride your bike to your next game day event. 
It will probably save your life and save the planet too. 

Tip number five: For food, think about grass-fed meat when thinking about burgers. Grass-fed is best for you and the planet. Also, chips. You're going to have chips, right? Sun chips comes in a biodegradable bag. Yes, the bag is loud. 

This tip came in from a viewer: he says transfer the chips into a bowl and leave the bag alone, eliminating the noise. And all your friends are going to be saying all game day long, pass the bowl. 

Seasonal foods are here right now. Great foods that you can serve: apples, sweet corn, broccoli, beets, raspberries, and of course, pie, pumpkin...